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จากสินทรัพย์ (%) (ROA)

30.44 %

อัตราผลตอบแทน ต่อส่วนของผู้ถือหุ้น (%) (ROE)

34.97 %

รายได้รวม 405.97 ล้านบาท
กำไรสุทธิ 165.57 ล้านบาท
ข้อมูลล่าสุด : ประจำปี 2564



To enable and empower everyone to do business better, faster, and cheaper so that they can reach their full potential and thrive. No matter what business they are in.


To bring innovation and transformation to every business at every level from individual to ecosystem.


1. Impact
2. Customer-centric
3. Innovation
4. Excellence
5. Integrity
6. Fairness.

1. Create long-term positive impact
– At Netbay, we are the agency of change and a catalyst for transformation. We want to ensure that our actions have lasting-positive impact to our customers, partners, employees, and everyone in the society. Do the right thing.

2. Customer-Centric
– Our mission is to enable and empower all businesses. We put our customers first, and at the core of our business. Customer success is our number one priority so we aspire to provide them with the best products and services those meet and exceed their needs.

3. Innovation
– Innovation starts with the right mindset – a willingness to make things better and do things differently. We strive to empower our employees and partners to act innovatively in every aspect. As an innovative technology company, we aim to deliver innovation to our clients.

4. Commitment to Excellence
– Great just isn’t good enough. Excellence in the little things always adds up to excellence at the bigger thing.

5. Integrity at every parts of life
– Uphold the highest standard of integrity in every decision we made. Make the right choices over and over again, especially when no one is looking.

6. Fairness for all
– Be fair to your customers, partners, and teammates. We focus on building a long-lasting trust. At Netbay, we promote an environment where we cherish open, honest, and collaborative environment. Win together.