Sugar Industry

Sugar Industry: Lime product is slaked in water to produce calcium hydroxide suspension or milk of lime. Milk of lime is added to sugar juice in a process called carbonation which removes the impurities in raw juice before it undergoes crystallization. First, the juice is mixed with hot milk of lime. This treatment precipitates a number of impurities including multivalent anions such as sulfate, phosphate, citrate and oxalate. These impurities precipitate as salts of large organic molecules such as proteins, saponins, and pectins. In addition, the alkaline condition converts simple sugar, glucose and fructose, and amino acid glutamine to chemically stable carboxylic acids. Left untreated, these sugars and amines would interfere with the crystallization of sucrose.

Next, carbon dioxide is bubbled through the alkaline sugar solution, precipitating the lime as calcium carbonate (chalk). The chalk particles entrap some impurities and absorb the others. Recycling process builds up the size of chalk particles, and natural flocculation occurs when heavy particles settle out in tanks (clarifiers). Final addition of more carbon dioxide precipitates more calcium out of the solution; as it is filtered off, the process leaves a cleaner, golden light-brown sugar solution called thin juice.

Lump Lime, Quick Lime Powder and Hydrated Lime from Golden Lime (Sutha) have been successfully fulfilling the need of sugar industry for over 10years.

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