Steel production requires vast quantity of lime to form slag in order to prevent the steel from being oxidized. The melted slag also removes the impurities (Silica, phosphorus and sulfur) in the refining step. It is used both in the traditional basic oxygen furnace and the newer electric arc furnace, as well as in secondary refining.

Lime is also essential to the production of metals other than steel. For instance, it is used to process copper ore, to make alumina and magnesia, to extract uranium, and to recover gold and silver.

Steelmaking industry requires large quantity of water for its processing. Using lime or lime-based products are cost-effective way for controlling the water’s mineral content.

Burnt Dolomite is necessary for protection of the refractory lining of steel furnace or converter, increasing its life span—a crucial criterion for financial planning.

Lump Lime from Golden Lime (Sutha) has been successfully fulfilling the need of the steel industry for over 10 years.

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