Lime has been used for many years to stabilize road beds and air fields, but now lime is also being used to stabilize buildings sites. Lime stabilization is used primarily to upgrade poor quality clay soils in order to provide adequate sub grade support a prime requisite for good concrete slab performance.

Lime is currently used for construction as follows:

  • In the drying, improvement and stabilization of soil to provide a platform for heavy construction (as explained below)
  • As a component of mortars, exterior rendering, and interior plasters
  • As an anti-stripping agent in the production of asphalt and tarmac for road construction
  • As a binder in the productions of bricks, air Crete, fire resistant board and concrete
  • For making mortars for bonding brick, concrete block, roofing shingles, rubber compound, and tiles

  • Overall, the use of lime provides numerous environmental benefits as well as superior aesthetic appeal to those of normal cheaper materials.

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