Good Corporate Governance

Royal Plus Public Company Limited has always complied with legal requirements, objectives, and shareholder's resolutions while strictly following the regulations of the listed Company. Accordingly, the Company Board has issued policies for good corporate governance, rules, and regulations of SET and Securities and Exchange Commission as our business frame and roadmap with the annual review for improvement under specific disruptions. Accordingly, the said policies are essential for treating shareholders in all sectors with justice, equality, and transparency based on sufficient information.

The Board of Directors of approved Corporate Governance policies based on the 8 principals of CG Code

  • Principle 1 : Establish Clear Leadership Role and Responsibilities of the Board
  • Principle 2 : Define Objectives that Promote Sustainable Value Creation
  • Principle 3 : Strengthen Board Effectiveness
  • Principle 4 : Ensure Effective CEO and People Management
  • Principle 5 : Nurture Innovation and Responsible Business
  • Principle 6 : Strengthen Effective Risk Management and Internal Control
  • Principle 7 : Ensure Disclosure and Financial Integrity
  • Principle 8 : Ensure Engagement and Communication with Shareholders
Good Corporate Governance Policy