Corporate Info
History and Significant Developments
Year 2002
Registered the Company in the name of Pylon Company Limited on August 13, 2002 with the initial paid up capital of Baht 5 million to engage primarily in foundation construction business. The Company has employed experienced and skillful engineering staffs to handle foundation works at the recovery from economic crisis.
Year 2003
Performed the first soil cement columns with high-pressured jet grouting in His Majesty The King Bhumipols Pak Pa Nang Diversion Dam Project in Nakornsrithammarat Province as a subcontractor to Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Plc (Sino-Thai). From the success in the Pakpanang project, the Company has developed a strong business relationship with Sino-Thai and, as a result, received bored piling works for several projects from Sino-Thai Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Plc (Sino-Thai) Thai Engineering and Construction Plc (Sino-Thai) such as The 3rd Stage Expressway - Part S1 (Ajnarong-Bangna) Contract No. 2, The Bumrungrat Hospital Parking Building, etc. From those projects, the Company has become well-known in the construction industry for quality of work and exceptional service, and received many bored piling works from other customers.
Year 2004
Increased registered capital to Baht 60 million in January and Baht 95 million in December.
Cooperated with Soletanche Bachy from France, an International Foundation Specialist Company, to construct diaphragm walls for The Samlae Water Treatment Plant in Patumthani Province.
Year 2005
Increased registered capital to Baht 115 million in May.
Increased capital to Baht 115 million in May.
In June, the Company increased its capital from Baht 115 million to Baht 150 million along with splitting par value per share from Baht 10 to Baht 1 to accommodate the initial public offering.
Registered as the public company on July 20, 2005.
Registered on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) Stock Market in December. The first trading day of the Company’s shares was December 23, 2005.
Year 2006
Relocated the Company’s maintenance yard from Bangkapi to Ladlumkaew, Patumthani Province in March.
Year 2008
Set up the subsidiary company under the name of Excelon Co., Ltd. in December to provide services for design, construction, consulting and architectural works for buildings/ structures. Its registered capital is 30,000,000 baht. Pylon holds 51% of the total shares.
Year 2009
Increased capital to Baht 200 million in May.
Year 2012
Increased capital to Bath 300 million in May to facilitate the issuance of PYLON-W1.
Excelon increased capital to Bath 80 million in December whereas Pylon still holds 51% of the total shares.
Year 2013
Increased capital to Bath 374.99 million in May to facilitate both the stock dividends and the adjusted exercise ratio for PYLON-W1.
Year 2015
SET moves PYLON from mai to SET Main Board on 6 August 2015
Year 2016
In January, the Company bought remaining shares of Excelon from the other shareholders. The proportion held by Pylon increased from 51% to 100% of total shares.

Revenue by Products
The Companys revenue can be categorized by products as follows:

The Companys Revenue

Unit : Thousand Baht
Products 2014 2015 2016
Revenue Percent Revenue Percent Revenue Percent
Bored Piles 1,021,792 74.38 1,128,805 91.29 934,228 86.71
Ground Improvement - - 43,017 3.48 - -
Diaphragm Wall - - 12,489 1.01 121,295 11.26
Total Revenue from Foundation 1,021,792 74.38 1,184,311 95.78 1,055,524 97.96
Revenue from Construction 346,084 25.19 37,001 2.99 7,189 0.67
Other Revenues 1 5,922 0.43 15,225 1.23 14,746 1.37
Total Revenue 1,373,798 100.00 1,236,537 100.00 1,077,459 100.00
Remark :   
1 Revenues from Other Services are the revenues from rental of machines, equipment and tools such as cranes, casing including damage claims received from Subcontractors and others such as interest received, profit from sale of assets, etc.
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